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Have You Ever Wondered How You Can Make Tons  Income From Things Like Real Estate Investment Trusts, Trading Stocks, Real Estate Wholesaling, or Buying A Business?

It’s you pull up a seat to the table then because we’ve launched The Flip The Bag Investor Bundle with a boss like you in mind!

It’s not a secret that people who started investing years ago are absolutely  WINNING right now! You’ve Seen The Real Estate Market and the Posts On Instagram Of People Making Six Figures In One Day From Trading Stocks or Landlords cashing out from investment properties that have inflated like crazy just this past year! It’s cool to be happy for those people, but wouldn’t it be even more lit for you to get to a bag like that just from investments! It’s time to get in the game bestie! The answer is simple, you haven’t got THE PLUG yet but it’s officially here but for LIMITED TIME ONLY!

THE FLIP THE BAG INVESTOR BUNDLE Is Going To Help You Invest without the stress!

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If You Plan On Making Big Bank From Your Investments  And Being The Next Big Investor Success Story, Then You Can’t Miss This Collection!

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We know everyone may not have thousands of dollars to start their investor journey, and that’s why some of the resources in this collection are going to show you how to start investing even with less than $100!


This bundle goes away very soon, so act fast! Under no circumstances will you be able to access this information for this low investment again!

We have over 15 results-driven courses, guides, and masterclasses from some of your favorite lady bosses so you can seamlessly get to the investor bag effortlessly. We are covering everything from how to invest in real estate with less than $200, how to leverage business credit to make business investments, how to buy a business, how to invest in mobile home parks, and more! 

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It’s a no-brainer, sis. Being an investor is your portion, period! Let’s go flip the bag.

Most people who have multiple streams of peace also have multiple streams of income! They step out of their comfort zone and get the tools and resources to learn how to invest properly. It’s time you stop using the excuse that no one taught about money and investing. Everything you need is inside this bundle, but it’s up to you to say yes and claim your coins.

There are investor payouts with your name on them! Stop waiting, the time is now! 
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Don’t miss your chance to learn how to invest WITHOUT all the headaches of wondering where to start. With this Flip The Bag Collection, it’s all laid out for you!

The cheat code you’ve been waiting for is here, for the first time ever in ONE place, ready for you to instantly access. Best of all is that you can get all of these goodies for a special exclusive one-time-only offer, that will never be offered again. 

After making this investment any questions you have about how to invest for success will be answered, and any resources you need to get started will be instantly available! Are you ready for the step-by-step blueprint to and exclusive resources, and much more? 

If you are looking for a shortcut on your journey, this is it!  Your instant access to this collection is going to save you so much time and money, while simultaneously teaching you how to make money in various areas of investing. 

Buckle up and get ready sis, it’s time to unlock the door to a new level of increase! Your future self will be so thankful for the action you took TODAY.
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October 25-November 5
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If you are like 99% of the people in this world, you’ve known about investing for years but you’ve allowed fear to take over! The simple fact that you have made it to this page shows us that you’re ready to claim what’s yours and stop sleeping on the massive rewards that being an investor brings! That’s why we created this one-of-a-kind opportunity so that you can have all the resources you need without having to make a huge investment. We are already celebrating your success in advance because we know this bundle is going to take you and your family to new heights and open new doors.

Aht Aht! Don’t Even Think About Telling Yourself Another Excuse Of Why You Should Wait To Invest!
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Before you say maybe it’s not a good time to invest and maybe you should wait to start, let’s get into the facts! 


Over 50% of people who invested in real estate just two years ago have seen the values of their home nearly double already! 

Did you also know that 86% of millionaires made their millions from investing in real estate in some form?   


There is literally money  WAITING on you! We can no longer afford to say that we don’t have time to learn about how to invest!We can no longer afford to let resources pass us by. Saying you don’t have time to start is saying you don’t have time to make money. The time is not now, it’s right now!

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Don't miss your chance, because there won’t be another one! This is your opportunity. In the times we are living in,, we know it can be hard to decide what to invest in especially when you are on a budget. We know there are lots of resources out there and it can be overwhelming to try to choose the perfect one. That’s why we wanted to make it super-easy for you and your bank account by putting everything together, in one place at one low investment. All of the distinguished women contributing to this bundle are experts in their respective industries and they are only bringing you proven strategies. 

This is your chance to get allllll your business needs covered with one simple investment that will pay you and your family back for years to come. 


You may be wondering why we are doing this? Why are we bundling these resources together for one low investment when individually they sell for more?

It’s really simple! All of us have been you before. We have faced the same struggles- desperately wanting to grow our businesses but having very limited financial resources. We also know what it’s like to spend hundreds of hours looking for resources and wasting money in the process. That’s why we are giving you all the plugs in one place. One thing we can all agree on is that resources, community, and being able to get strategies/guidance from entrepreneurs who came before us is what got us over the hump. 


Being able to learn from other people’s mistakes, shorten our learning curve, and network with one another has been a major key to our success and we want the same for you. 


We are committed to supporting other women and helping them unleash their potential to be a true game changer. This is why when you take advantage of this offer today, not only will you get these resources to grow your business, you will be joining a network of like-minded women who have your back and will be cheering for you every step of the way. 


We can’t wait to get you in our community, and connected with others who share similar goals. When you mix these resources with a tribe of like-minded women who support you, there will be no stopping you. 


We’ve been left out of the wealth conversation for far too long! It’s time to take your knowledge and your bank account to a new level. You ready or nah?


It’s your time! Let’s eliminate all of the guessing and wasting countless hours and money trying to figure things out on your own.

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EVERYTHING you need to level up in INVESTING is right here. All you have to do is grab these resources and plug your info in! It’s time to claim the next level of wealth your family has been longing for. You deserve to have investments that pay you big! You deserve to be a celebrated success story! Congrats in advance!

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Access is yours for a 97% discount + you will receive FOREVER access to all of the collection!

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This collection was put together with you and your generational wealth goals in mind and this is your chance to learn from the best of the best. 

Whether you are years into business or just getting started, this collection is going to be the investment that keeps showing you a return. It has everything you need to help you spring into your next level with ease.

Buying all of these courses separately would have cost you over $5,400…


But you’re getting the ONCE in a lifetime opportunity to get them all for just $147

This is over $5200 in savings! 


If you want resources that will help you see REAL results as an investor, look no further because they are all in this collection. Cheers to claiming yours and putting the knowledge to work!

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If you are in that stage where you’ve been researching investing but just not sure where to start or how to invest with little money, then this will give you the kick you need. Not only will you be able to get the clarity you’ve been seeking, you will finally have a solid blueprint with actionable steps to take when it comes to investing.


You’re doing ok, but meh, things (and your investment returns) could be better right? Congrats on getting started but let’s take it up a notch or two and get to those big payouts. As excited as you were to start your investing journey, you may be finding that it’s not as fun anymore because the level of work/effort you’re putting in is not matching up with your bank account. This bundle is going to give you everything you need to grow as an investor and finally come up for air. This will give you the investment strategy that will allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted. After all, that’s part of the reason you started, right?


We got you covered too, sis! You may feel like you’ve been there and done that but if you are a true investor then you know the value of implementing fresh new strategies. This collection will give you more momentum to keep things afloat with your investing journey and an opportunity to tune up some things in order  to see even more great returns.

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This Is Not The Time To Overthink This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity!
Here’s Everything You’ll Be Getting.

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Raevyn Hokett

How To Position Your Business To Sell It For Top Dollar

This is the class that will help you boss up on the biggest bosses! Anyone can start a business, but only a true boss knows how to sell a business and cash out! This class will teach you how to position your business to sell it and how to make every part of your business and asset. The class will also share what resources you can use to sell your business for top dollar. 

IMG_9237 - BizGuru Devyn.jpeg
Devin Clayter

Express Guide To The Perfect Business Credit Score

Learn how to build Business Credit from scratch in less than 90 days without using your personal credit. Get industry exclusives and secrets that will boost your Business Credit Score quickly.


IMG_0839 - Michelle McAllister.jpeg
Michelle McAllister

How To Not Suck At Being A Landlord

Do you dream of investing in real estate to build wealth for your family? Don't do it without this resource! This resource will tell you everything you need to know in order to be set for success as a landlord.  This will save you time and money in your journey as a real estate investor!


DSC_8322 - Koereyelle WERKS.jpeg

Land Bank Buying Guide

"Buy land! It's the only thing they aren't making more of..." You've seen this quote before so I don't need to tell you why you absolutely need to be using your coins to invest in land! During my session you'll learn how to purchase land for dirt cheap using the land bank.

Ashley Fox Head Shot 2 - Ashley M. Fox.jpeg
Ashley M. Fox

How to Invest in Real Estate with Less Than $200

How to Invest in real Estate With less Than $200 In a simple and easy-to-understand learn how to invest in real estate without needing tons of money, great credit, or experience to start. Learn the ins and outs to how wealthy people invest real estate investment trusts, and own some of the largest commercial real estate in the world - without having to directly manage or operate the properties.


Arnita Johnson-Hall

How To Buy An Established Business 

You don't always have to start from scratch with buying a business! I've become an expert at buying businesses and I'm going to share my blueprint. In this course you'll learn the simple process to buying an established business on Shopify! I'll be showing you exactly what to look for when buying a business and what you should know before selecting a business to buy. 


business+babe - Yolanda Keels-Walker.jpeg
Yolanda Keels-Walker

Buildings Over Bags Real Estate Investing Course

Buildings Over Bags This Online Course Will Teach You... The benefits of real estate investing and how to get started The different ways real estate investing can make you wealthy How to invest in real estate with a full-time job How to choose the right investing strategy for you How to create a plan that accomplishes YOUR goals How to find great real estate deals How to finance your deal, no matter how much money is in your bank account How to secure your first property for the price of your handbag And so much more!


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If you’ve been wanting to work with all of your favorite investor entrepreneurs without breaking the bank, this is it. Get your collection now, and your bank account will thank you later.

Are you ready to claim your spot sis? Once you put all these resources into play, rest assured there will be a bigger bank account with your name on it.

But WAIT there's MORE!
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shocked ms jay.gif

How To Start An Investment Account: Did you know that over 60% of entrepreneurs do not have an active investment account?! This resource will show you exactly how to open an investment account. 


How To Invest In Commercial Property With Low Startup Costs: You don't have to be a millionaire to invest in commercial property! In this masterclass, we will show you exactly how we invested in commercial space with less than $1000. 


How To Avoid Mistakes Most Landlords Make: Whether you are new at this or seasoned at being a landlord, everyone knows that mistakes will cost you! This class is going to show you how to avoid costly mistakes landlords make everyday that impact their bottom line. 


Leveraging Life Insurance Guide: For years people thought life insurance was just about funeral and burial expenses, but most people don't know that life insurance can be a powerful tool for investing if you know how to leverage it! 

How To Work With A Financial Planner: This might seem like info that is self-explanatory but not knowing how to work with a financial planner can impact your family negatively for generations! This resource is necessary because you never want to just hand your money over to a financial planner without having a clue about the process and how to get the most of your experience working with them.

How To Invest In Penny Stocks: Don't let the 'penny' in the name fool you! There is so much money to be made from penny stocks and this resource is going to show you exactly how to do it! 

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Once you complete your purchase, we will send you an email to whichever email address you provide at checkout. This email will have an access link with details and instructions on how to access each resource. 

Once you get access to each resource, we recommend writing down your username/password so that you don't misplace it. With your login code, you will be able to receive lifetime access! 

No matter what course you start first, you’ll be able to jump right in today!

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Instant Access Is Yours!

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Q: Will I be able to go through all the courses?

A: Yes! With this collection ALL of these courses are yours.

Q: How long can I access the courses?

A: There is lifetime access to each resource as long as you download them. None of the courses expire. We suggest you download everything immediately after checkout. 


Q: Will this work for me no matter what industry I’m in?

A: All of our contributors have worked with entrepreneurs from all industries. No matter what industry you are in, this collection will be the resources that keep on giving and well worth your investment.

Q: How will I access the courses?

A:  Once you purchase the collection, you will receive an email from us immediately with instructions on how to do so. Just to be safe, be sure to check your spam/promotions folder as well. Please be sure to enter your correct email address.

Q: Will this help me even if I don’t have a business yet?

A: Yes! If you don’t have a business yet, consider yourself ahead of the game with these resources. They will get your mind going and clear any frustrations you may have and give you the kick you need to get started.

Q: What if I’m already making a lot of money in my business?

A: Unless you have something against making more money then this resource will help you too! There is always room to learn and grow, and just one new strategy you learn from this collection could be the ticket to your next six or seven figures.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Because all products are digital and you received instant access, there are no refunds.

Omg, You Still Haven’t Hit The Checkout Button To Claim Your Bundle Yet?!
We get it, there are a lot of “bundles” out there but if you don’t believe ours is the real deal then listen to what our bestie customers say…
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Purchasing the Bestie Bundle was such a great investment. The courses laid the foundation for me to work on scaling my business. I have been able to get first hand insight into how to create passive income in ways I had no idea. With insider tips and tools the Bestie Bundle is a must if you are looking to grow your income.




The Bundle Bestie is fantastic! I am so glad I made the investment. I’ve purchased business programs before, but nothing like this. I’ve learned more from this program than from most of the other classes I've taken combined. The Bundle Bestie covers all areas of my business, which is so ideal. With Sleep and Get Paid, I realized that as a Health Coach, there are so many ways I can generate passive income. Growing my sales has been a challenge, but I am excited to see sales training included. I also want to point out if you have a service or product, you should know about trademarks. Whether you decide to use an attorney like I did, or proceed on your own, the amount of information you’ll learn from this class is invaluable!




I have purchased every collection ever offered and it gets better every time! I am SOOOOOO happy that I didn’t get into my head and talk myself out of getting the bundles because once they expire, they are gone for good!!  I am always amazed at the amount of information that was provided for the low price of $197.00.  Just one of the courses included in the bundle alone  was worth thousands to me!!!  So thank you, thank you, and thank you!!  Before I share with you what information is GOLD to me, I would just like to just  say "thank you" once again!  It's not very often that you find black women that are obedient to God's purpose.



You’ve Heard Some Of Our Success Stories, Now We Invite You To Become One! It’s Your Last Chance, Don’t Let This Bundle Go Away Without Getting Yours.
It Won’t Be Long Now…
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Don’t wait! The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start seeing the results you’ve been looking for! Imagine how your business can change in a matter of days, if you say yes to yourself and get started today.

This is a LIMITED TIME opportunity that will expire in a few days. Once it’s gone, all of these resources would cost you over $5,400.

You can pay that later


Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to get 97% off and start accessing your goodies NOW!


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$147 (98% DISCOUNT)
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Asset 33_150x.png

The three of us created this with YOU in mind. We wanted to offer something that would bring together sisterhood, community, and an abundance of resources to help you get your business to the next level and create generational wealth for your familyl. 

We are so excited for what is about to happen for your business with the assistance of this bundle.

Congrats in advance on making your next move your BEST move! We are in this with you, and together we are going to help you build wealth for your family!

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